Antivirus Problems

2 octubre, 2023 por

Antivirus Problems

Antivirus is a product that has long been advertised as a normal commodity similar to a toothbrush, detergent, or car. Yet, despite being a regular product it isn’t without flaws or problems.

Antivirus software simply cannot keep up with the variety and quantity of new malwares that are released every single day. It’s an arms race, and not all antivirus software available online or in stores offers a level of security close to 100 percent.

Another problem is that viruses and Trojans are able to alter the software on your computer, causing it to is unable to detect them properly. This can happen when the virus alters the settings of the antivirus software or when it uses one of its features or functions to generate a false-positive.

Furthermore, there are a number of instances where the antivirus software does not detect files even if they are clearly dangerous. This is because the antivirus hasn’t had the chance to add the particular file to its database. To achieve this, it has to examine the file and compare its content with malicious files already in the database of the antivirus. This is a long and resource-intensive process. The more time it takes is, the less accurate the detection. Additionally, the antivirus must install interceptors of system events deep within the computer kernel in order to analyze the data and pass it to its engine for analysis.

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