Get the Most Out of Your Antivirus Replacement Solution

8 octubre, 2023 por

Get the Most Out of Your Antivirus Replacement Solution

Many experts are of the opinion that antivirus isn’t the only method of protection against cyber threats and hacking. Consider adding an endpoint discovery response (EDR) which integrates with your antivirus to create a layered approach to cybersecurity.

EDR solutions such as Cortex XDR or CrowdStrike help organizations to create a seamless digital perimeter defense with centralized visibility. They also have the ability to respond quickly to malware attacks and other security threats. EDR rather than EPP which is focused on preventing incidents and provides better visibility of all activity on your networks.

EDR solutions use advanced detection methods like behavioral analysis and machine learning. This is different from antivirus programs that rely on signatures or other elements to detect viruses. This helps them better understand the malware and how it can impact your business. They’re also able to recognize new types of malware that traditional antivirus programs could miss.

Josh Brunty has spent over a decade in cybersecurity -first as a cyber forensics analyst with the West Virginia State Police, later as a professor of computer security at Marshall University. He did not fully grasp the message that is now common knowledge among those who work in the cybersecurity field The majority of computers do not need to be protected by antivirus software.

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